Birth Name: Eileen Regina Edwards
Birthdate: August 28, 1965
Birthplace: Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 110 lbs.
Shoe Size: 6 1/2
Occupation: Country Music Artist,
& Song Writer
Label: Mercury Nashville /
Universal Music Group
Producer: Robert John "Mutt" Lange

Claim to Fame:  1995: Album "The Woman In Me"

Significant Other(s):
Robert John "Mutt" Lange, Producer; Married on December 28th, 1993.  Father of her son.  Divorced in June, 2010 (,Seperated in May, 2008).
Frederic Nicolas "Fred" Thiebaud, Swiss businessman; Married on January 1st, 2011, in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Children: Son: Eja D'Angelo Lange - August 12, 2001.
Father: Clarence Edwards
Adoptive Father: Jerry Twain - (1947 - November 1, 1987)
Mother: Sharon (Morrison) Twain - (1945 - November 1, 1987)
Siblings: Carrie-Ann (,Daughter of Clarence); & Jill; Mark; and Darryl (,Children of Jerry Twain).

High School: Timmins High, in Timmins, Ontario.  Graduated: June 1983

Musical Influences: "I grew up listening to Waylon, Willie, Dolly, Tammy, all of them," Shania recalls.   "But we also listened to The Mamas and The Papas, The Carpenters, The Supremes, and Stevie Wonder".

Band: Marc Muller (guitars) - Hackensack, NJ;  Randall "Randy" Waller (guitars) - Sydney, Australia;  Brent Barcus (guitars) - St. Louis, MI;  J.D. Blair - (drums) - Nashville, TN;
            Andrew "Andy" Cichon (bass) - Adelaide, Australia;  Roddy Chiong (violin, mandolin, percussion, guitar) - Chicago, Il;  Cory Churko (violin, mandolin, guitar, background vocals) - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan;
            Hardy Hemphill (keyboards, percussion) - Bangor, Maine;  &  Allison Cornell (violin, keyboards, mandolin) - Los Angeles, CA.

Favorite Food: Pasta        Favorite Dessert: All pastries, especially peach pie

Favorite Colors: Red, & Green

Favorite Recreation: Camping, horse riding, guitar

Favorite Songs: "Wildflower" (Skylarc); "Dream A Little Dream of Me" (Mama's and Papa's); "Coat of Many Colours", and "In the Ghetto" (Dolly Parton);
                              "She's Always A Woman To Me" (Billy Joel); & "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" (Hank Williams)

Favorite Movie: "Immortal Beloved"        Favorite Actor: Jim Carrey        Favorite Actress: Jessica Lange

Best/Worst Characteristics: Resourceful; Impatient

What Shania Value's Most: Family and Happiness

Quick Facts: Shania Twain was born in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, on August 28, 1965, and was raised in Timmons, Ontario, about 500 miles due north of Toronto.

Shania is Irish and French-Canadian and was raised with the Ojibwa Indian Culture.

Shania means 'On My Way' in Ojibwa.

Shania's parents were divorced when she was two.

Jerry Twain met and married the single Sharon later on in life.  He adopted Sharon's two daughters, when Shania was four, thus the Twain name.

Shania is the second oldest of 5 brothers and sisters.  (2 brothers, and 2 sisters)

Shania's family was very poor.  Her parents bought her, her first guitar from a pawn shop.

Shania's parents sadly died in a car crash in 1987, Shania was only 21.   She took on the responsibility of raising her three younger siblings.

Shania worked in her dad's reforestation business six months out of 12 between ages 17-21.

Shania is a former McDonalds employee.

Shania's first Performance was in 1st grade show and tell, where she performed "Country Roads".

Shania's first Recording was a Duet with Tim Denis called "Heavy On The Sunshine".

She also sang back vocals on the Sammy Kershaw song "Haunted Heart".

Her first album ("Shania Twain") only contained 1 of her own songs, "God Aint Gonna Getcha for that".

The Woman In Me was written almost entirely by Shania.  "You Win My Love" was written by husband Robert John "Mutt" Lange.

The Woman In Me may be one of the most expensive country albums ever produced.

The Woman In Me has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide.

Robert John "Mutt" Lange used Shania's first album to work out to.

Shania first met Mutt on the phone.   Shania and Mutt first met in person at 1993's Fan Fair.

While working on "The Woman In Me", Shania & Mutt fell in love, and Mutt proposed in Paris, France.

Shania and Mutt were married on December 28th 1993, at Deerhurst Resort, in Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, just six months after they met.

Shania has been a vegetarian since she Married Mutt.

The first song Shania sang to Mutt was the chorus of "Home Ain't Where His Heart Is, (Anymore)".

Shania's name for Mutt is love, and Mutt's name for Shania is Woody, because her old hairdo reminded him of Woody Woodpecker.

Shania has a German Sheppard named Tim that goes everywhere with her, and also doubles as her guard dog.

Shania designed her own tour bus for her '98 tour.  She also brought along one of her horses, (a retired show horse,) with her on tour.

Shania loves horses.

Shania's show horse was featured in Video for "Any Man Of Mine".

Part of the video for "Any Man of Mine" was shot on Bo and John Derek's ranch in St. Inez.

Cledus T. Judd wrote a song called "If Shania Was Mine", a parody of "Any Man Of Mine".

"No One Needs To Know" was featured in the movie's "Edie and Pen" Starring Stockard Channing, and "Twister" starring Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton.

It took a 5 hour fitting to get the black velvet pants in the "I'm Outta Here" video to fit Shania's specifications (, but they did a good job).

Shania's "Don't Be Stupid" video only took about 10 hours to film, as opposed to the average 14 hours for a video.

Shania Now reside's in Corseaux, Switzerland (,near Lake Geneva), in her Villa home.  (She Formerly owned a 40 room castle near by).